The Art of Rajaa Gharbi

Portfolio of Rajaa Gharbi’s fine art

Tunisia Series Selected Works

Circus and the Steady Dancer. 2013, acrylic on canvas 48x24. Available Apparitions in the City by the Bridge. 2010-2011, acrylic on paper 29x22. Available Contractions in the Homeland. 2010-2011, acrylic on canvas 48x36. Available
Flight I. 2011, acrylic on paper 17x14. Villages, 2010-2011, acrylic on canvas Watching Over Us. 2011, acrylic 19x12. Available Tango. 2011 Acrylic on paper, 13.7x10.5. Available Flight II. 2011 Acrylic on paper, 7.7x5.2. Available Flight III. 2011, acrylic on paper, 20x23 The Fish and the Horse for your Eyes Only.  2013, acrylic on paper. 11.1/2x9.1/8. Available. Hidden Friends I. 2013, acrylic on paper 30.4/8x 22.7/8. Available Flight from Rome. 2012, acrylic on paper 1.6/8x8.7/8. Available Wings in the Feet. 2012, acrylic on paper 12.1/2x 9.1/2. Available When the Silent Diacritic Speaks its Life. 2012 acrylic on paper 21.1/8x15.2/8. Available I will Catch you no Matter which Angle you Fall. 2013 acrylic on paper 12x6.4/8. Available Return of the Consort.  2013 acrylic on paper 29.7/8x 22. Available Trip to Bountiful. 2013 acrylic on paper 6.3/8x4. NFS From Hand to Eye. 2013 acrylic on paper 13.7/8x10.1/8. Available

Collective Psyches Series Selected works

Gathering for Food and Light Collective Psyches Luminary Visitors from Ghayya
Moons, Desires and Rumi’s Mistresses       Migrations From the Land of the Iniskim
Swimmer’s Departure        Emergence Songs of the Flower-Eyed Dancer. Tribute to Michael Jackson. Oct. 2009. Acrylic on paper 28x38

Yes! In Spite of Steel Walls Selected works

Life Is the Eye of the Storm Ethereal? In your Hands

Images, Scripts and Diacritical Signs Selected works.

When Dancers Meet Diacritical Signs Sketch for a Love-Sculptor Blue Dance
Listening to Anouar Brahem  Worship or Self Annihilation? Dreamer, Journeys and Fresh Waters
American Cultural Attachées? Dream on Emperor

An Archeology of Languaging Selected works.

Turns of No-Returns between Presence and Absence Memory before the Tablet Once Beneath a Time… Conversation!

Carthage Series Selected Works

An Amazigh Song, acrylic 8,1/4 x 8,1/4. Available Eventually. 2009-2011 Acrylic on paper. Conversing with my Ancestress Al Kahena

Art photography by Art & Soul , Bellevue Art Reproduction and the Color Group

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